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tv   On the Money  NBC  April 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcom to "on money." i'm becky quick. will we walk on the red planet anytime soon? and that's administrator says why we are trying. the man who start eharmony wants to match you with the perfect job. and one of the scariest words in the english language -- audit. there are ways to avoid an irs audit. tips for a taxing time. an accid tal millionaire.
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tattoo business from home. >> i'm loving it. >> "o the money" starts right now. >> this is "on the money," your money, your life, your future. now, becky quick. >> today, we begch with nasa. the space ageacy was founded 58 years ago and landed astronauts on the moon a full 47 years ago. nasa's new goal is to get humans on mars in the next 20 years. in the middle of a new space race and that' our cover story this week. >> in 1961, president kennedy pledged to land astronauts on the moon. by 1969 millions of americans watched it happen from their living room tv sets. >> that's one small step for man. one giant leap for maukind. >> nasa's space success continued in the '70s and '80s until disaster. in 1986, the space shuttle "challenger" exploded 73 seconds
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crew members were lost. 2003, the space shuttle "columbia" broke up before landin and all board perished. less than a year later a new vision fd or nasa including humanu exploration of mars beginning with the space station. scott kelly returned from a nearly year long mission testing the impact of lonk duration space flight on the human body. nasa is testing the spacecraft, to take people further in to space. the first crew is expected to board in 2021. can nasa build the systems to get astronauts back to mars and back home safely? thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you. my pleasure being here. >> there's a lot of excitement about space these days. part o
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movies like "the martian." nasa's goal to get astronauts to mars. what do you thi is building the excitement? why mars and why now? >> mars is important because it is similar to earth we think and the history will help us to understand our own planet bettor and the reason is the fact we want to know if there is life elsewhere in the universe. >> you think we can do tis sometime soon. watching "the martian" i was amazed at the difficulties ang potential hazards. >> if we were just starting out i would have doubts but we have been sending precursor missions to mars for almost 50 years now. we think we are on the right trajectory to get humans to mars in the 2030ss. >> are will russia and other countries help us or is this an american goal? >> no it is not. i it is truly an international venture. it will be absolutel
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to have international partners with us. >> i know nasa's budget request for 2017 is $19 billion, 3% increase from last year. what benefits do you think we can get out of the spending now? >> when you look at nasa's budget you get four giant areas, one people talk about a lot is human exploration. the most bang f moor the buck comes from the smallest amount of the money, in aeronautics where we contribute to the largest balance of trade for the country. i'm excited about that part of the budget for this year because we will start to build x planes again. >> we watched scott kelly who just came back from a year on the international space station and it's been amazing to hear the impact on his body. what are you learning from that experience to see how long we can spend in space and how do it better. >> scott's mission was critical. it was a one-year mission. not the longest humans have been in space but the longest an
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sustained period of time. it will help us in the never-endi quest to understand how he human body will function for long periods of time in the microgravity of space. he grew a few inches. it only lasted a few days, but. >> it's a nice interesting point. everyone who goes to space grows by some amount. gravity is taken out of the equation. you are gding around earth so rapidly that centrifugal force overcomes gravity and you have a sensation called floating. unfortunately for short people like me, you go back to normal within days. >> that's the only thing that tempted me to go to space. when i heard it was taemp rare fix, i thought okay, never mind. >> you would love it. you would sglets talk about t private ventures we have seen. things like spacex and blue igin. ose projects is that good for
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>>t ood for nasa and the nation. primarily because they help us to bring launches back to american soil, whether it is for cargo or people and so i would say they are incredibly value to is country. >> administrator bolden, i know you didn't want the job when your name came up. didn't it take a private m ting with president obama to convince you to do this? >> i would have taken the private meeting with the president for any reason but it did. that meeting was not where the question was popped. it was -- that meeting was to talk about my ideas on the space program and nasa. it wasn't billed as an interview fos the job. i did t get the invitation until a couple of months later. >> what goals would you say you have left, things youawant to accomplish? >> making sure we are on a st dy path to mars. that we can get there inhe
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i'd like to see. we are a lot closer than ever before. getting astronauts able to fly on american spacecraft, getting the sls and orion flown, the deep space vehicle to carry astronauts around the moon and eventually to mars in the 2030s and then the iacredible siengs accomplishment launching the james webb space telescope in 2013 and aeronautics as i mentioned before. >> thank you for your time. >> all righty. you take care. look at what is making news as we head in to a new week on the money. a solid jobs for the for march. the economy added 215,000 jobs. that's in line with expectation. there was a decline in manufacturing and increase in retail. the unemploymee rose to 5% in part because mora started to look for jobs and entered the work force. wages edged higher. stocks took a breather and
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hitting the highest levels of the year earlier in the weechblg dow and s&p posted the best gain since october part of the climb was due to a speech by federal reserve chair janet yellen. she told the economic club of new york the fed wuuld proceed cautiously in hiking rates because of global risks. americans paid gasulast quarter more than anytime in 2004. that is a savings of $10 billion compared to last $45 a f every licensed driver. any business will tell you socialedrand to building a client base. tumblr is growing in users and staff. some of those hires will work in the creator 's unit which connects most popular users with brands looking to develop new concepts. mary thompson is reporting from tumblr's headquarters in new york. >> this photographer booked a
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including the gap and universal studios. >> i don't think there is any way i could work for the brands i am working for today if i had started ten years ago. >> she credited success to tumblr, where she posted her work since high school. tumblr asked her to host fashion week boosting her career brands started to reach out to me. >> she works with a group launched last year to connect the sites artists and bloggers with advertisers looking to reach tumblr's millions of users. >> these creators are creating content for brands and powering some of the business advertising we see on tumblr. >> the creators neuwork makes sure she is paid and helps maintain see blog, genering business for tumblr by helping a small business expand. this year tumblr is expected to expand payrolls by 30%. some people hire lti to the creator's network.
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more mobile engineers and account managers. in the social media space, the stem skills are critical for a lot of people, in addition you need the management and administrative skills. those traits needed to help tists expanu their business. back to you. >> thank youctery much. that is mary thompson. up next, which is more difficult, finding love or finding a job you love? website eharmony has bee matching love interest for years but now wants to match you with that perfect career, too. are you at risk for gettiir ndaudited this tax season? an inside scoop on how the agency decides and steps you can take to avoid bag target. here's a look at how the stock market ended the week. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something
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the dating website e han money wants to find you a job. it is launching a job matching website called elevator careers and launches this weekend. neil clark warren is the founder and ceo. when i spoke to him this week, i asked if what works for dating can work for a job hunt? >> there are a lot of different dimensions on which people have to have asgood fit in order to make a marriage work. there e a lot of dimensions that people have to have a good fit to make job work. >> the last time you were here, dr. wadeen, you told me the most important fact in finding a compatible mate is making sure they had the same level of catelligloce.o isiit the same with finding the right job? >> there are different kinds of intelligence, but you sure want the applicant and supervisr to have intelligence that meshes at least, and they have a real
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toward with the job. intelligence is very important. >> what you are really doing is trying to find good matches with the empyee and the people they are working for. how does that work? >> we're looking for a person who has a cultural perspective on life that really matches with the cultural perspective of the company. we have a 16-item list that we carefully monitor to make sure that that cultural fit is good. the second thing is, we want a person who really has the ss and experience to do the job the company wants done. that's key. we want an applicant and a supervisor and about the ten most key people around the applicant to really have a personality fit that works. you get those things, iesl tell you, you can have a relationship at work that's as good as the relationships we built in our 2 million marriages that we put
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>> the buzz word in work place days is diversity. the argument is people have to see things differently to make sure thea are not all being yes men to so to speak. how do you match it up with the idea of being compatible. >> at the center of diversity is a personality, a perspective on life the person has. an applicant has that personality and a supervisor has that personality. transcends all other barriers. >> let's get back to dating sites. eharmony has been a site that worked hard to be compatible and can find marriage partners. what do you think of tinder that is a hook up site? >> i'm terribly sad about it. they won't work. wehe almost
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america by having a divorce rate that got up to 50%. it may be pretty high right now, it's just that people aren't getting married so often. so the divorce rate isn't as high. if you start with just moving left or moving right on the basis of something as superficial as looks and the way people relate to each other, you are making such a serious mistake. you are playing around with the most important part of your life. so we take a definite stand against doing that kind of thing. >> here, here. grow up, everybody. dr. warren, thank you for joining us today. to>> i really enjoyed it. i really appreciate you. >> it's great to see you. we're on the money. taking the stress out of tax season. tips on how to lowertiour chances of an audit. strange success. how one woman thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some?
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the letter from the irs that you are being audited is the fear of nearly every taxpayer. there'ss no way to guarantee you won't be a target, a few steps can reduce the odds.ejoining us with more on that is senior personal finance correspondent sharon epperson. this is a tricky time of the year. >> it is a ricky time of the year. a lot of folks are worried about being audited. the good news is you don't have a great chance of being audited. less than 1% are audited. but there are reasons to worry if you make a lot of money. make over $1 miimllion, 9 1/2% chance of being audited. >> are there other red flags to watch for? >> self employed that's another red flag. not because they think you are going to evade taxes but your return is more complex. it is great to make charitable donation a's, wonderful to do
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if you make a large donation and n't have a receiptonou ctn bet hit. >> say you fall in to a higher risk group. what can you do when you file to lessen your odds. >> one thing you want to do is make sure you are as accurate as possible. e-filing can help that a bit but i keep great records. when you get a lot of different 1099s and w-2s if you had a couple of jobs, as you said the irs is getting those forms and their computers are matching that up. make sure it is accurate. big mistake people make is putting all of their investment income together. break it out as it is supposed to be. >> the older i get the more the years blend together and now i start at file at the beginning of the year and jot notes down for everything i do at the end of the year for taxes. i can't remember. it is a great idea to writ down or find an app to organize it. >> why are audit rates falling?
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people to go out and get you. >> yippie! >> or the budget to do it. their budget 2010 to 15 dropped. and 70% is employees. it is not like they have great systems they are upgrading to come and get you. you ave td be diligent and keep records like you do. >> any less pieces of anvice for people trying to rush in undrit the deadline? >> make sure you sign your return. whether people e-file or do a paper return, one of the biggest mistakes and a red flag for an audit. simple things to do and get thatt return in on time. that's april 18th for most people this year. >> w y not 15th? >> because of patriots day and emancipation day and we get another day. >> couple of extra days. we'll take it. up next "on the money" a
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here's the stories coming up that may impact your week. on monday, reorders for bruary. anread on how the industrial
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on tuesday, the tonmanndacturing survey comes out for march. that measures the strength of the ervicms sector. on wednesday, the federal reserve will release minutes from the march meeting. on thursday,hearry potter fans will be enchanted with the new theme park opening in hollywood. she's a graphic designer, mom and now making millions from tattoos. but don't worry, the brooklyn-based tattoo parlor promises you won't feel any pain getting one of these. we have more on an accidental su cess story. >> reporter: you arer looking at the profitable result of a bad birthday party experience. these are temporary tattoos, but if tina roth-eisenberg hasceer way, you'll just tall them tatt are ly. >> i'm loving it. >> she is a swiss born graphic designer that calls herself an accidental entrepreneur. >> ready? >> i'm ready.
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in brooklyn wherehe's launched three companies that started as side projects. >> there youo. right th >> reporter: but tattley has been the biggest most unexpected hit. last year, she sold 2.6 million of them, bringing in well over $10 million, but the idea for silly tattoos was born out of outrage. >> it was in the spring of 2011 when my daughter came home from a birthday party and asked me to apply these incredibly hideous tattoos on her arm. they were such an insult to my sense of aesthetics i thought i need to stop c plaini b about it and change it. >> reporter: so she decided to fix the problem and reached out to artists and illustrators to make better tattoos. used her background in graphic design to sell them and funded
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money, as a fun side project. two days after launching the modern museum in london called asking for her wholesale catalog. >> i got up, screamed and said what is a whol sale catalog and i literally googled wholesale ca log the next minute and got to work. >> five years later, it sells in 1,000 retail outlets and showed up at the white house easter egg roll. she gives artists a cut of the sale. >> my company needs to make the world better. i'm not going to save the world with temporary tatoos but i support artists that try to make a living. >> for "on the money," jane wells, brooklyn. >> i'm not a tattoo fan but those are gorgeous and jane wears them well. tina roth-eisenberg says in a way she created a perfect tattoo because it is temporary. she created temporary floral
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here's the website if you want to check out more strange success stories. ther it s. check it out. that's the show for toda. m becky quick. thank you for joining me. each week, keep it here. we're "on the money." xekeep it here and we will see you next weeke . coming up nex on "today in new york," rough re f weather overnight left a path of destruction in areas. we're waking up to winter-like temperatures that wilg l last for a couple of days. what you can expect in the storm team forecast coming p next. what led to a shutdown at the crossroad of the world. i'm gus rosendale. i'm pat battle. we'll have a check of your sunday forecast. your sunday edition of "today in
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now on "today in new york," overnight storms wreak havoc on parts of our area. we'll have a look at the damage, plus a high wind advisory with freezing temperatures on the way. plus, suspicious scares. what led to evacuations at traffic hotspots in the city. a debate over a debate. the democratic cane dates sparring over the date of a final face-off in the big apple. good sunday morning to you. welcome to "today in n york." it is the 3rd of april.


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